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Welcome back. So, this is our last visit on this trip. You guys have been here for the week and we found a few things that we've been working on consistently and the main thing with your back pain was your S3. That's what we found and that's what gonna work out now. You've been here the week to visit a chiropractor and you just share. Would you like to share it? Kind of what's happened this week and your symptoms or your function, your overall well-being, your quality, your back pain relief and sciatica problems?

Sciatica Pain Patient explains his experience after first chiropractic therapy session

Well, since you worked on me on Tuesday, it was yeah! So are there, it felt like when no one set my little toes very sore, but the pain was going on around it. Okay, yes, I'm very happy!

So, overall you are feeling the difference. You understand what's going on in your body now?

Somewhat. I had a few questions.

Sure, yeah, come over here. We can take a look at the scope and if you can justify your questions away and I'll do the best of my ability to answer them. How's that?

Okay. Okay, so can you tell me what you did that took the pain out of my back?

I did a chiropractic spinal adjustment on your third sacral segments S3. You know that. That was it and I know they kept seen I mean you're the one who really wanted to be out here, and you dragged him along and it turned out he needed more work. Right?

Yeah, but when you ingested that, it went up my back that one up here and my fear felt more feeling in it and open better.

Chiropractor adjusted Sacral Segment S3 causing Sciatica relief

Cool! I still got a little bit of your T5 area. Oh, it's still that T4, and let's look down here. And we still got a little bit done. Did you do a lot of walking while you were here? Did you do more walking than you normally do? Let's go ahead and scoot forward. Please let's check the movement in the pelvis. So, I'm getting a little bit down. Still in the sacrum and T4 where the sciatica pain initiates. Overall scope, when we compare it to the first day, it's not all over the place. It's very specific, these two points for working on.

Feet together: open and close your knees. We're checking general motion of the pelvis. Right side only. And the unique thing, left side only, pelvis is fine man. Still down here none but much better more range of motion. Overall tissue resiliency, Sir, is better. I feel a little eating over here again. Okay, a little bit.

Hey okay let's go do this. Let's go sit her sacrum. Let's go face it out now. There's still a little work to do. We know that because we have a sacrum issue and we have a pelvis issue. Right now we've been really focusing on that sacrum.

Doctor manipulates patients back pain and gets rid of numbness

We're gonna have to figure out whether you're going back to Pennsylvania today whether we find the doctor over there and he continues your work or you're going to come back. At your choice, okay? We try to make it easy and convenient though.

Face down, please, over here. T4 we're setting as a PRIT or get right in on that transverse, and that's so, alright. Now, in her case, because there's a slight, there's a slight drop in that leg length and equality on the right side, but the sacrum is rotated on the left side, we're gonna be setting it through for the pain relief. This is the challenge and when we go to the x-ray again you can see it. She has a rotated sacrum here on the left side, but she has a slight drop on this side. So, what I'm doing is I'm setting through the rotated sacrum on the left side with a slight little torque to help on the drop leg. And that's the home run. Gotcha.

Here's the challenge: We're setting the sacrum here. She has a dropped, a short leg on this side here. So, we're setting the sacrum basically right here, trying to be torqueing just a tiny little bit. That way, without trying to twerk too much and throwing something else off.

Have a seat please man. So, four is clear and maybe will get a little flutter but I don't think we should get a break. The difference between its staying there and a break but it's staying there it's muscle. when it's breaking its the nerve. Now watch. Bueno? There's that same soreness there when I'm doing it now. They're sore right? Yeah! Okay, you see how much is moving okay? And you walk for us, so we have something to compare to that first day. And let's walk us straight. Yep, turn around. So now when you look at the dimples in her pelvis, they're actually moving. They're doing this look right here. They're going up and down. We don't have that side wiggle. Now. the other part is, there's still a little tilt in the upper part of the back. This is all part of the process. Not bad for four or five days. Over, around! Over, around! There you go. Little bonus. Stand up for me please. Squeeze my hand. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Hands are good. We are all set. Thank you! You're welcome!

Sir, you are up. Between T3 and S3: Here's what I want: you see this piece of part of your stomach? Put them down. Slide your body down a little bit, there. Now, let's go ahead and do S3 here. This is our second adjustment. We did S3 over on the high level yesterday. Today, let's see if we can get a nice deeper set for you. Here, it's a little different feel. The cushion will absorb a lot of the shock. Turn your toes the other way, Sir. Point them backwards. Oh! That's a home run!

Come up slowly, please. That one's a little spicy up top. Let's walk it off this. Watch his dimples, please, when he walks and let's go face down over here. Let's get more of that effort. Remember, I told you in the side slip, right? Gonna be a little spicy, but we got to get it. Face down please. We got to do it! Face down first. Now, T3 sides lift, we're gonna go on the right side. Slide up, Sir! And we're gonna be on the right side of T3. It's a POS left side slip. So we're gonna be on the right transverse contact and it's going to be an opposite torque: like that! Good. Drop the shoulder, Sir. A little more. There you go! That one's tidy but it went. Pretty good, yeah! I'm gonna be chiseling away.

Chiro treatment relieves women’s lower back pain caused by 30-year-old injury

How was that knee chest adjustment for you on S3 compared to yesterday's high-low? Very good! What you felt? It went much easier. All right! Have a seat over here. He looks to be walking a little bit better than me. What do you think? How's the numbness in the toe? Have it changed today? Last night it was pretty good. Different, yeah! What does that mean? Less intense, less frequency? You woke up today though, you still had it? Yeah, I don't think that's quite as bad! Good! Now, let's feel: l5, S1, S2. What do you think? Good! All right! Now, ears: ears are now done. Shoulders: don't help. Drop the elbow. Okay! Elbows done. Stand up for me, please! Squeeze my hand, please. We're all set for today! Okay, thank you! You're welcome! Welcome back. Good to be back. All right, so this is our last visit for this trip.

I've been here for the week. Can you scoot forward please? So initially, you're actually just coming for your wife, right? Right! And we ended up having a chiropractic treatment with you. We found a few things going on with you a part of the sciatica and its pain. Tell us if you'd like to share, kind of your experience with the chiropractor this week.

It was a great experience! I'm very happy with the results I got. Everything feels so much freer. Still have a little bit of numbness but I can feel it's different from when I came. What does that mean: Less frequency? Duration? Not as harsh! Not as harsh? So, the intensities is a little bit less! Another thing that I noticed was digestion: the gas that I had for many years has gotten so much less! After how many days or after which adjustment? The first day? Second? Yeah, the first day! Okay, but we're not treating your digestion, we were just adjusting it right? Correct! I'm sorry go ahead. Apparently, everything is connected. Yes, it is.

Back Spine Exploration and Adjustment

Come over here. I take a look and see what's going on here on the meter. So, as we're running the meter on the back, I got a tiny one up top here still on the Atlas. This upper back pain is clear my friend. This is clear. So, three is clear? Three is clear today, Sir! And that was there for many years! Yes, Sir! Well that I don't know. I felt it years ago! Mid back is all clear and we were on S3, right? Just like your wife? There's a tiny little bit left, not much. Just like three points now. And as we said, you came in with a certain condition. We have a left pelvis issue. We had S3. You were getting your L5 worked on. L5 is, we can classify it, if you can look over here, L5 is classified as almost a D3 or D4 disc.

It's been there a long time. We talked about it in the beginning of our first chiropractic session. It's a 30-year old injury. But that's not where it started, okay? It started down here. So, now, once we stabilize this, this may still need to be worked on down the road, not at the moment. And the other part is the pelvis. Scoot forward, Sir. Feet together. Let's feel the pelvis. Let's see it. Watch the dimples, watch my thumbs. Feet together: open and close the knees, please. Good! And what we're looking for is independent motion. When we have him do one side, do the left side first. Open and close the left. So when he does that, nothing is happening on the right and that's how it should be. They should be independent. Right side only. So, this is really awesome and wild, because even with the right side the left is fine. It's going to be interesting to see your follow-up x-rays down the road. So, you're back for me, Sir.

There is no pain, not there anymore.

Pelvis is clear now. This is the five, okay? You feel that?


Compare it to that first day, though.

Oh, much lighter!

Chronic Low Back Strain gone after visit with chiropractor

Okay, that's five, sacrum one, two. More pressure from my finger: pressure, okay! So, three points will go a light on that. We're gonna do the Atlas and the sacrum today, Sir, and then we'll tune up the rest of you. Sound good? Center on the chair. I think that new chest adjustment we did last time really get it health. Scoot to the left a little bit, please. He's got three points of pressure on the sacrum. He's got about five points on the atlas. There are layers sometimes, you know? We have layers like the onion, you know? When we talk about philosophy of health, we have our initial injury and that initial injury starts the process of things being out of balance. And compensations happening and each subsequent injury builds upon the other. Now patient comes to me. We're starting somewhere that clears up. What ends up happening other stuff starts to come out. So whatever you had done prior, that was fine!


We just went a little deeper, that's it!


We just went deeper in terms of what you know. Whatever was found was found. We went one layer deeper, okay?

It made the difference.

That's all it was. Left ear. See one, don't help, smile! Oh, are you gonna be like that? Is that how you gonna be? There you go! Let's watch it. One second. Let's cover you at first. I want to watch your walk as well. Now, remember we started on the C3, okay? Look at that, he's ready to get back on the farm, right? You guys go the farm? He's got a farm. You're not on a farm in the mountain. What you guys doing? The milk? Do you mind me asking? Yeah, what do you do?

I plant chestnut trees; I have food plots for the animals.


It's a way that I get back to the Creator.

Very cool! Keep walking. So, as he's walking his feet are different, they're walking straighter, okay?

It's so much lighter!

You're walking lighter when we compare to that first. Keep, walk on your toes for me. Walk up, high up. High, perfect! Let's go in the orange. Let's finish up the rest of this sacrum, man. Behold his feet, please. Face down. Show time! Who knows, one day I may show up there. I'll do that, slide up, who knows? Crazier things have happened. Take the show on the road. Now, hands need to go all the way up there. You go, Sir. That's three drop the shoulder, sir, and that's the rest of it. Got you. Let's lock that off, please. Okay and let's do a little buff and polish on the bottom for him. I say close segments that ossify by around 32 to 34 depending on what textbook you read but there is a remanent miss there. It can swell and it does cause pressure. What we're doing is, because that thing is already ossified. What am I doing, I still have to reposition before you, okay? Sometimes just like this not fun, but right now it should be fine. Now, when you walk, let's kind up shouldn't be sore now.


And get better each minute, each hour. What's that? Have a seat! I think it's gonna be easier to do your work now. Stand up for me, please. Squeeze my hands, squeeze, squeeze. Break down. You're all set in the front. I appreciate you guys coming out all the way.

There's a well worth trip.

Okay and we've got a few answers and hopefully like I said the doctor can continue the care over there and if he needs any advice you can just give us a call, okay? Or I'll see you back here with it, who knows? All right squeeze, squeeze. Okay, god bless you!

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