Major tourist attractions in Miami

Here you can find a selection of the most popular sight to visit in Miami. In Miami you can find all kind of atractions, restaurants, night life, activities for the family and all imaginable attractions. In Miami it’s impossible to get bored.

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Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive is a promenade located in the South Beach area.

In the mornings, the beaches of clear water fill up to bursting, and at night, it is one of the most lively areas for partying or dining on a terrace.

A scene of light and color in South Beach

Ocean Drive is a myth of American cinematography that has served as a filming location for some well-known films such as “The Price of Power (Scarface)” or “Corruption in Miami.”

Bayside Marketplace

Bayside Marketplace is a shopping center with more than 150 stores (a curious mix of clothing stores with some crafts), restaurants and terraces with privileged views of the marina.

Bayside Marketplace is a shopping and leisure center located on the seafront of Vizcaya Bay, in the Miami area.

Not everything is shopping in Bayside

Apart from being an interesting point to do some shopping, Bayside Marketplace is a very nice place to walk and dine, enjoy concerts every afternoon and even some days of fireworks and laser shows.

A nice place with a spectacular sea site

Its privileged location, in the center of the city and next to the sea, makes it more a tourist visit for us than a shopping center.

Bayside Marketplace means for Miami what Ocean Drive for Miami Beach, one of the most charismatic and lively places that are part of the soul of the city.

Art Deco District

Located at the southern tip of South Beach, the Art Deco District of Miami is comprised of hundreds of buildings designed with this unique architectural style.

What is Art Deco?

The Art Deco is an artistic movement that emerged in 1920 and had its peak during the Great Depression, at which time, Americans were interested in an architecture that helped lift the spirits of the country, something that could be achieved by the fanciful Art Deco style.

The buildings with Art Deco style are mainly characterized by being based on elementary geometry (cubes, spheres and straight lines) with a great ornamental abundance, since the Art Deco function is more decorative than functional.

Terrazzo floors, moldings on the ceilings, tropical colors and pastel shades, parallel stripes, bas-relief boards and, above all, the neon signs are some of the most important characteristics of the Art Deco style.

Itinerary by Art Decó District

If you want to know more about this architectural style, you may want to go to the Art Deco district’s welcome center to book a 90-minute visit with a volunteer guide or rent an audio guide. If you have other concerns, it is best to visit the area on your own.

To get to know the most important buildings in the area, you can start the journey through the southern end of Ocean Drive, between 6th and 7th streets.

The soul of Miami

The people of Miami know that they have a treasure in the Art Deco district. It would be practically impossible to find another place with such a large number of buildings with that peculiar style and, above all, in a perfect state of conservation after almost a hundred years. This colorful area also includes a large part of the Ocean Drive avenue, one of the most touristic and animated places in the city.

Little Havana

In this neighborhood of Miami, the largest Cuban population in the United States is concentrated. Get to know Calle Ocho and all its attractions.

A small part of Cuba is kept alive inside the United States in one of the best-known neighborhoods in all of Miami.

In Havana, Cuban dissidents who escaped the Castro regime began to live their new life, keeping alive the memories of their homeland.

The population of Little Havana is more than 50,000 people, 98% being Latino and, among these, Cubans in a large percentage.

Calle ocho

Life in Little Havana revolves around Calle Ocho. In this street artisans live making cigars, dozens of Cuban restaurants with a lot of flavor or some stores where vibrant music plays, all wrapped by a nostalgic atmosphere and a strong aroma of coffee. In this same street you can find a Walk of Fame with the best-known Cuban stars.

One of the most charming places in Little Havana is on Calle Ocho at 15th Avenue; it is the Máximo Gómez Park, a place where Cubans of advanced age meet to play dominoes or chess while they try to fix the world by discussing the past and the future of Cuba.

You can not visit Little Havana without trying an authentic Cuban coffee, a very powerful and extremely sweet espresso that they serve in tiny glasses, but if you want to refresh yourself, nothing better than taking a Guarapo, a kind of sugarcane juice.

The heart of Miami

Little Havana has a different rhythm of life, Cuban style. The open and optimistic character of its inhabitants makes it intriguing and even amusing to observe the scenes of their daily life in such a picturesque neighborhood.

Little Havana is one of the best places to eat, it offers very tasty Cuban food at affordable prices. The same can not be said for dinner. As indicated by the inhabitants themselves, at night the area is not too safe.

Coral gables

Huge mansions surrounded by carefully tended gardens define Coral Cables, one of the most beautiful areas of Miami.

Coconut Grove

Known for its tranquility and natural beauty, Coconut Grove is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Miami.

Little Haiti

The Little Haiti neighborhood of Miami is a very lively area full of small and colorful establishments that seem to be forever.

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens are a dream come true, a beautiful mansion of 34 rooms with a beautiful garden.

Holocaust Memorial

A bronze hand of 13 meters and dozens of tormented human figures make up this monument to the victims of the Nazis.

Touristic Attractions for Family Visits

Jungle Island

Jungle Island is a zoo with a privileged environment. It simulates a tropical jungle where to live a great adventure.

Miami Seaquarium

Miami Seaquarium is the largest aquarium in the United States. In it you will find sharks, dolphins and even a killer whale.

Zoo Miami

The Miami Zoo has more than 100 hectares in which about 800 species are housed in a natural environment.