Chiropractic Back Pain Treatment

Chiropractic adjustment or medication for back pain?

When there is pain in some part of the body, the medication is often used easily and quickly.

But being quick and easy does not mean better or more efficient for the interests of the back-cure.

A study comparing the results obtained from 2 different treatments for the same problem, back pain, has just been published in the prestigious magazine SPINE.

The study shows that treating back pain with chiropractic care is more effective than the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug diclofenac, a drug frequently used to treat non-specific back pain.

The group studied was divided into three:

  • group 1: receiving chiropractic treatment.
  • group 2: receiving medication.
  • group 3: receiving a placebo treatment that basically had no effect of any kind.

It was shown that patients in group 3 were the least improved since they had received an empty or nonexistent treatment although they did not know it.

From groups 1 and 2, it was shown that patients who received chiropractic adjustments treatment, improved more than those who received medication. The improvement of the chiropractic treatment of the back was clear in several aspects:

  • Functionality of the patient.
  • Self-assessment by the patient by means of a form of his pain or problem.
  • Lower time of sick leave.

Patients who received chiropractic care experienced a greater and faster increase in quality of life (less pain and greater functionality).

Conclusions for back pain treatment

Well basically it tells us that it may be faster and easier to take medication but it is not more effective. On the contrary, it is less effective and here we are not counting the side effects caused by that medication in the long term compared to the null side effects that have a Natural non-invasive therapy such as the spinal adjustment performed by a Chiropractor.

In medicine and in terms of pain modulation there are no magic formulas that work 100% for all patients and that is why you should consult your trusted professional about your problem.

Each person and each case is a world and you need personalized attention from a qualified professional in order to achieve the best results.

When you go to the chiropractor, make sure he has a degree in chiropractic studies from a recognized university and that his chiropractic knowledge not only comes from a chiropractic weekend training seminar.

Your back is a very important part of your body and you have to take care of it but also make sure who takes care of you.