Facts About Chiropractic Back Healing

Back Pain And Their Pain Relief Therapies

According to some estimates as many as 80% of adult Americans will suffer from back pain at least once during their lifetime. In any given year as many as 31 million Americans have back pain. Worldwide this condition is considered the leading cause of disability that prevents people from working. Here we’ll take a look at the facts about Chiropractic upper, lower and mid back cure.

Why Over-The-Counter And Prescription Pain Medicine Is Not A Long Time Treatment For Back Pain

For a very long time, the primary way to treat this condition was to either take over-the-counter pain medication or a prescription drug. The problem is that doing so doesn’t improve the condition at all. That means that these medications would need to be taken continuously.

Because the condition is not being improved then the effect that the pain medicine has will decrease over time requiring the person to take ever-increasing amounts of medicine. This simply isn’t possible because there are limits to what is safe to take. Over-the-counter medications such as muscle relaxants, ibuprofen, and others have very little lasting impact on the pain. Prescription pain medication is considered a last resort because there is a substantial risk of developing an addiction to them and it is possible to overdose.

Research Shows That Chiropractic Back Healing Works

As modern medicine advances more and more people demand that they receive quality care and that that care is effective. Because of the fact that chiropractic back healing works it is getting increased attention. When someone suffers from chronic pain such as experienced with the back, taking pain medication just isn’t effective. Spinal manipulation is considered an effective and safe treatment that is done without the use of drugs.

This therapy reduces how often a person needs bed rest and it significantly reduces the amount of pain that they experience. The reduction in pain means that if they are on medication they can usually reduce the amount of medication that they are taking. Because there is a growing epidemic of those that become addicted to strong pain medication, more studies have been done on alternative treatments and those studies have found spinal manipulation to be very effective.

In fact, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality recommends spinal manipulation as a drug-free effective treatment for acute back problems in adults. The Annals of Internal Medicine have reported that chiropractic care is believed to be an effective treatment for chronic back pain. Other respected medical journals have reported that chiropractic treatment for back pain is as effective as any other medical care currently available.

The Journal of American Medical Association Says That Surgery Might Be Avoided By Using Chiropractic Back Healing

According to this respected Journal, those who are considering surgery could likely be helped with this type of therapy and in turn avoid the surgery. In fact, they went on to say that in most cases the surgery would not be needed when this type of therapy is being received. The evidence is ample and it is clear that chiropractic care can and does help and heal back pain.