How Chiropractic Back Pain Manipulation Works

Chiropractic Care is a type of treatment that works with the spine and other parts of the body to improve its overall function. The doctors who practice this type of medicine use adjustments and other types of manipulation to improve body function and reduce the pain that a person is experiencing. Here we will take a look at how Chiropractic back pain manipulation works.

What Is Chiropractic Medicine?

The word itself comes from the Greek language and translates to done by hand. For a number of years, this type of medical treatment was seen as outside modern medicine. But because of the success rate this type of treatment has on back pain relief, particularly with things like back pain, it has now become largely accepted as part of mainstream medicine.

Even so, the way in which a chiropractic doctor will diagnose a condition is still considerably different from the approach that typical modern doctors will take. For one, most Chiropractic doctors believe that the body largely has the ability to heal itself. Other doctors typically see medication and surgery as a way to heal the body.

When someone goes in for Chiropractic therapy the doctor will use a variety of methods to return the body structure back to what they believe is normal and this, in turn, is thought to help the body heal. Although this type of treatment is fairly new within the structures of modern medicine it is something that has been around for a very long time. In fact, Hypocrites is said to have described an early type of spinal manipulation.

Some of the early practitioners of Chiropractic care believe that the body’s ability to heal itself was largely controlled by the nervous system. They believe that when the spine becomes misaligned it prevents the nervous system from working effectively. This ultimately leads to illness and chronic pain.

How Does Chronic Back Pain Manipulation Work?

This type of therapy typically is performed on the spinal region by a Chiropractic doctor who uses their hands to manipulate the spine and return it to normal. This manipulation is then believed to improve the signaling that takes place in the nervous system which then reduces the pain being experienced and it can also heal other illness. Numerous studies have found that this type of therapy is safe and a good alternative to using pain medication.

According to the American College of Physicians, Chiropractic spinal manipulation is one of the few choices that can work when low back pain fails to improve on its own. Other respected agencies have concluded that this type of therapy was more effective than placebo and other available treatments. There is still a lot of research being done on this type of therapy but to date, it is considered safe and effective.

Research funded by the NCCIH found that spinal manipulation was equal to or greater in its effectiveness than other conventional care that’s available. It was also reported that this type of therapy had a notable reduction in the amount of pain patients experienced when compared to other therapies. In all, the evidence appears to be overwhelming and shows that chronic back pain manipulation works.